Crime, Homelessness Comes To “Nice” Parts Of Town

By | June 26, 2021 | 0 Comments

  • Naked man finds garage-door opener in parked car, wanders through home in exclusive Bel Air, takes shower.
  • Five shot, one killed in botched robbery in exclusive Hollywood Hills.

Until now, liberal Angelinos automatically voted Democrat. So they voted for a mayor and city council who defunded LAPD by $150 million – because a small, noisy group demanded it. They voted for a DA whose idea of his job was to let criminals out of prison. No, that’s the job of the public defender. The DA’s job is to send criminals to prison.

They voted for politicians who let the homeless problem and the crime problem increase dramatically. They thought these problems were mainly confined to the “bad” parts of town, while they could remain secure in their exclusive neighborhoods. After all, that’s what “exclusive” means – to exclude. That is, to exclude the people they didn’t want to think about. They were much too elevated to bother themselves about such unimportant folks.

But now naked men, psychotic or drugged or both, wander through their exclusive homes. Now shots ring out to disturb their exclusive slumbers. Now they begin to understand that we are all in the same boat, and it does them no good if the dark, cold sea is leaking into the other end of the boat. Either we all survive together, or we all sink together.

Will this lesson take hold and alter their voting patterns? Or like Venezuelans, will they simply vote for yet another socialist, one who they hope will finally get socialism right? Stay tuned.


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