I Left My Heart (And My Civilization) In San Francisco

By | July 5, 2021 | 0 Comments

Target, Walgreens in San Francisco close early because of retail crime – that is, shoplifting and vandalism. 7-Eleven in Financial District buzzes customers in through locked door. I grew up in San Francisco. It was a moderately conservative place with heavy Navy (naval shipyard) and Army (Presidio, 6th Army HQ) presence. Strong Catholic influence – Irish and Italian. St. Patrick’s Day and Columbus Day were marked by big parades. I know – I marched with ROTC in high school. Former mayor came to our wedding – moderate Republican businessman. You knew not to start in with cops – wound up in ER with cut on scalp from billy club. I know – I sewed them up.

In one generation, this beautiful tourist attraction became filled with homeless, needles, trash, human waste, uncontrolled shoplifting and drug use. Thank you, Mayor Gavin Newsom (now governor) and DA Kamala Harris (now vice president).

Civilization is like pie crust. It’s beautiful but thin. Just below is hot, bubbly stuff that will burn you if you’re not careful, or sometimes even if you are careful. San Francisco is a blatant warning sign. Ignore it at your own risk.

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