Rudy Giuliani’s Law License Suspended: Claims Not “Demonstrated”

By | July 7, 2021 | 0 Comments

Rudy Giuliani’s law license was suspended because he made “demonstrably false” claims about 2020 election fraud. The claims may be false. They may be true. But in the absence of a full judicial or legislative hearing, they have not been “demonstrated” to be anything at all.

And speaking of questionable claims, remember the O.J. Simpson trial, where prominent defense attorneys like F. Lee Bailey and Johnnie Cochran claimed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were killed not by O.J. but by “Colombian drug lords”. Those attorneys were not sanctioned but praised for their imaginative defense that got Simpson acquitted.

My point is that although O.J. was acquitted and no one else was ever found guilty, nobody ever claimed that Nicole and Ron were still alive because no one had been “demonstrated” to have murdered them. Similarly, no one has yet been given an opportunity to “demonstrate” election fraud. But that does not prove it did not occur, any more than O.J.’s acquittal proved that Nicole and Ron were still alive. “It hasn’t been demonstrated” is vastly different from “It never happened.” That’s not even first year law school. It’s just elementary logic.

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