Taliban Threatens Biden Over Aug. 31 Deadline

By | August 24, 2021 | 0 Comments

President Biden (or whoever is really in charge) set Aug. 31 as a goal for withdrawal of all US forces from Afghanistan. Now the Taliban seized much of the nation including most of Kabul. This means that evacuation of American, allied, and friendly Afghan civilians will be slower and more dangerous than was foreseen. But the Taliban warn of “consequences” if the deadline is not met/

That is: 1) Biden sets a goal. 2) The Taliban make that goal difficult or impossible to meet. 3) The Taliban turn Biden’s goal into their deadline. 4) The Taliban threaten Biden if their deadline is not met.

In other words, the Taliban seized the initiative, militarily, politically, and psychologically. Do you think, just possibly, that if America is out-maneuvered by 7th century tribesmen, there may be something wrong here?


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