Murphy’s Law Strikes Again

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Most people are familiar with the basic Murphy’s Law: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst time.” But the mythical Mr. Murphy formulated other laws as well:

• Murphy’s Law of Expertise: When all else fails, ask someone who actually knows what he is talking about.

• Murphy’s Law of War: Don’t rely on people who never heard a shot fired in anger, and who believe all disputes can be resolved by negotiations and treaties.

• Murphy’s Law of Courage: When danger threatens, don’t choose leaders who double mask when walking alone outdoors.

• Murphy’s Law of Organizations: In any organization, the first thing to decide is whether it is a coffee cup, where the cream rises to the top. or a septic tank, where the largest chunks rise to the top.

• Murphy’s Law of Honor: Avoid people who think your honor is a title for judges.

• Murphy’s Law of Success: Before you can decide whether someone is succeeding or failing, you have to discover what he is trying to do – it may be the opposite of what you thought.

• Murphy’s Law of Employment: Before you can decide whether someone is an effective worker, you have to discover for whom he is really working.

• Murphy’s Law of Dedication: If you want to determine how dedicated someone is, don’t look for certificates, awards, and diplomas; look for scars.

• Murphy’s Law of Pearls: When people says something better than you could, just quote them and shut up.

• Murphy’s Law of Oppression: If you try to oppress a minority, it’s cruel and unfair; but if you try to oppress the majority, it’s stupid and self-destructive. (Take note, proponents of CRT.)

• Murphy’s Law of Dictators: If you want to make people do what they don’t want to do, you’d better be strong; if you appear weak, you’ll evoke resistance and get even weaker. (Tale note, President Biden.)

• Murphy’s Law of Undermining: If you undermine people’s belief in their founders, their nation, and themselves, you risk undermining their obedience to you. (Take note. progressives.)

• Murphy’s Law of Clocks: If a clock strikes 13, it casts doubt not only on that, but also on everything that went before. (Take note Dr. Anthony “I Didn’t Contradict Myself” Fauci.)

• Murphy’s First Law of Priorities: If you believe the greatest threat is climate change, you ignore the threat in Afghanistan and cause a debacle. (Take note Secretary of Defense Lloyd “Woker Than Woke” Austin.)

• Murphy’s Second Law of Priorities: If you believe the greatest threat is White rage, you ignore the morale of your troops and incite greater rage – against you. (Take note Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark “Thoroughly Modern” Milley.)

• Murphy’s Third Law of Priorities: If you didn’t do well at your own job, better not take on other people’s jobs. (Take note CDC, did so beautifully with Covid-19, which is your job, now wants to take on “gun violence,” which is job of Justice Dept.)

• Murphy’s Law of Governance: Whatever you do, don’t put Murphy himself in charge. (Take note, American voters.)


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