Six Capitol Police Disciplined – For Welcoming 1/6 Demonstrators?

By | September 13, 2021 | 0 Comments

Six Capitol Police are being disciplined, but the details of the charges are not stated. Could the wrongdoing include:

• Allowing shaman (man with buffalo horns) to roam Senate Chamber without being arrested, or even ejected?
• Taking selfies with some demonstrators?
• Ushering in some demonstrators, joking with them? This makes charge of trespassing impossible to prove.
• Failing to announce an unlawful assembly, a prerequisite for a charge of rioting? No such announcement is heard on available videos.

Of course, there is no discipline, much less a criminal charge, for officer who shot to death unarmed vet Ashli Babbitt. Every self-defense course will teach you that deadly force can be used only to defend against threat of death or serious injury, never against threat to property. Guess all those firearms experts and criminal lawyers got it wrong.

But don’t you use deadly force to protect property – you’ll go to jail and be ruined financially. That’s the hallmark of an unfree country: The government operates by different rules than the common people. Well, at least we know where we are now.

Discipline recommended for 6 Capitol Police officers after review of actions on Jan. 6

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