Drudge “Whipping” Disinformation

By | September 22, 2021 | 0 Comments

Drudge Report 9/22/21:

Texas border patrol round up Haitians with whips…

Three serious misstatements:

• Not “Texas” Border Patrol. Texas has no border patrol. This was US Border Patrol under command of President Biden. If Trump were still president, he would be blamed. But Biden is not blamed. Revealing.
• No whip, images clearly show horse reins.
• Not Haitians. Haitians live in Haiti. These are illegal immigrants who may be of Haitian ethnicity. But Haiti is an island. How did they arrive at our southern border? Most of them were living in Latin America since the earthquake of 2010.

Drudge Report originated as a source of information not available elsewhere. Now just source of biased information available almost anywhere. Sad but true.


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