Johnson Takes Questions From Press, Biden Does Not

By | September 23, 2021 | 0 Comments

Press Secretary Jen Psaki agrees that the White House was peeved that Prime Minister Boris Johnson took questions from reporters during the Oval Office meeting with President Biden. But grumbling reporters were herded out before they could question Biden.

Johnson can’t seem to keep track of how many children he has, or to keep his hair in check. But he can answer questions from the press, and appears to enjoy doing so, as opposed to Biden.

So which would you prefer?
1) A leader with unruly hair and an unruly private life, but one who is fully in command of his faculties and comfortable with the press, even a hostile press?
2) Or a leader with neat hair (what there is of it) and an exemplary married life, but one whose mind is obviously slipping and who meets the press with difficulty and reluctance, even a friendly press?

Of course, this question is rhetorical. The Brits chose Johnson, and we chose Biden. And even if Biden were to leave the Oval Office early, it would be occupied by Kamala Harris, who is even less comfortable with the press, and who responds to questions she can’t or won’t answer with a manic laugh.

File under B for Buyers’ remorse. Cross-file under S for Second thoughts.

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