What Newsom Recall Vote Tells Us

By | September 27, 2021 | 0 Comments

• Gov. Newsom dined at an exclusive restaurant with lobbyists, but without masks or social distancing, while ordering Californians to mask and not to dine inside.

• Gov. Newsom sent his kids to an exclusive private school while ordering public schools to remain closed.

• Gov. Newsom talks about rising crime and homelessness. But that’s all he does, talk.

• Gov. Newsom presides over the state with the highest taxes and gasoline and diesel costs, but with potholed roads, a fragile power grid, and water shortages.

Mainstream media like the LATimes supported Newsom, going so far as to publish a letter predicting that if he were recalled, the state would become a Covid “killing field.” His GOP opponents were called “extreme” and “far right.” Has the Times ever called anyone, even avowed communists, “far left”? The words “far” and “right” are used together so often that they seem like a single word, “faright.”

Despite his supercilious, narcissistic, elitist attitude, Newsom defeated a recall by a 63% landslide. What does this tell us about two-thirds of Californians, and by implication about the large majority of Democrat voters?

They would vote for any leftist candidate, with the possible exception of a resurrected Josef Stalin.

They see themselves as fighting against criminals and lunatics who are trying to destroy the planet and create a Covid “killing field.”

They use self-contradictory arguments without the least embarrassment or awareness.

They exaggerate in ridiculous ways without cracking a smile.

They parrot whatever leftist mantra is being spread by the establishment today. Tomorrow they can parrot something entirely different without raising an eyebrow. They rented out their minds on a long-term lease, but are utterly unaware of it.

Do you believe, in your wildest dreams, that people like that can be citizens of a constitutional republic, thinking for themselves and acting appropriately? No, they are capable only of being subjects of an oppressive, micro-managing government run by a self-perpetuating elite. And if we don’t do something soon, they will be.




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