Climate Protesters Invade Federal Building: Insurrection?

By | October 14, 2021 | 0 Comments

• More than 100 climate protesters invade Dept. of Interior Building. Arrests made, officer sent to hospital.

But is this a riot? It was if police announced it was an unlawful assembly loudly enough for protesters to hear. Otherwise it was merely disorderly conduct. And it surely wasn’t an insurrection. The people were unarmed and had no wish to overthrow the government.

The Capitol protesters on Jan. 6 were subject to the same rules. There was no riot in the legal sense, nor was there an insurrection. Capitol Police ushered some of the protesters in, took selfies with them, and engaged in conversation within the Senate Chamber. So even trespassing could not be charged.

Nevertheless, over one hundred Capitol protesters was still being held in jail without bail, many in solitary confinement – a severe form of punishment. So much for the speedy trial guaranteed by the Constitution.

Of course the Capitol protesters were Trumpists, that is, horrible, revolting creatures beneath contempt and beyond the law. The Dept. of Interior protesters, on the contrary, were leftist climate activists. As such their motives are pure. I predict they will receive light punishments, if any.

The inscription above the Supreme Court entrance reads, “Equal justice under law.” Yeah, sure.

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