Differences Between Democrats And Republicans Now Painfully Obvious

By | October 20, 2021 | 0 Comments

DeSantis To The Rescue: Florida’s Created ‘Incentive Packages’ With Ports To Solve Supply Chain Clog.

San Francisco Closes In-N-Out Burger For Not Enforcing Vaccine Mandate.

Records Suggest Loudoun Sent Team Of Police To Deal With ‘Upset Parent,’ Not Alleged Rape Of Student.

Man Who Allegedly Raped Woman On Train Is Criminal Illegal Alien, Was Not Deported: Report.

The Biden administration does nothing to alleviate the supply-chain clog, but makes it worse by paying truck drivers not to work, while Ron DeSantis works to open things up.

A leftist city closes a burger restaurant for not enforcing the vaccine mandate. The restaurant posted the warning sign, but refused to do the government’s job by using its employees as vaccine police.

A father showed up at a Loudoun County, VA, school and reported his ninth-grade daughter had been raped. The school reportedly called police not to arrest the accused rapist, but to deal with the “upset” parent. Perhaps the school officials should also have been upset by child rape.

The man who raped a woman on a crowded railway car, while passengers took videos but did nothing, was an illegal immigrant with a past sexual assault arrest.

These four adjacent headlines tell us all we need to know. Democrats try to close things down, from ports to burger joints, while Republicans try to open them up. Democrats try to shut parents up, while Republicans listen to them. Democrats squander their sympathy on criminals, while Republicans save their sympathy for victims. How clear must things get before we admit what is in front of our eyes?


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