So Fauci Did Sponsor “Gain-Of-Function” Research?

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Dr. Fauci denied under oath that his section of the NIH funded “gain or function” virus research in Wuhan. Now it appears that the NIH admits this occurred. But the real question is not who funded it. The amount was trivial compared to federal budgets in the trillions. The real question is why we were involved in it in the first place.

“Gain of function” means altering viruses so that they become more infectious (more able to infect human cells), or more lethal, or both. No one in government or in the media has pointed out that such research could as well be called biological warfare research, which is forbidden by the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention. Both the US and China are parties that agreement.

Biological warfare research is both forbidden and dangerous. Lab accidents do occur. Viruses or bacteria may escape and infect people outside the lab. And if this occurs, the government may fail to take measures to stop the spread of the outbreak. This also occurred. The Communist Chinese government (1) at first tried to hide the outbreak, (2) then lied that it was not spread person-to-person, and (3) allowed tens of thousands of people to celebrate Lunar New Year and then fly home to locations all over the world. If this wasn’t biological warfare, what was it? Salsa dancing?

From all this it appears that the US Government in the person of Dr. Fauci not only approved and funded biological warfare research, but funded it in China, a potential enemy. If we fail to investigate thoroughly and do not shed light on what actually happened, we lose the right to call ourselves citizens of a free country, or even to claim to be moral human beings.

NIH admits funding Wuhan experiment resulting in ‘gain-of-function’

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