Asians Are Not “People Of Color” – Wait, What?

By | November 13, 2021 | 0 Comments

University of Maryland Adds New Ethnic Category for ‘Students of Color minus Asian’.

Here we go again – claiming to be “inclusive” and “diverse” while discriminating against Americans of Asian ethnicity. There are serious problems here.

First, the category “Asian” is so broad as to be meaningless. What does a Native Hawaiian have in common with a Korean? And what do Koreans or Chinese have in common with Japanese? To even ask this question will evoke an angry frown, or worse. Of course it goes without saying that Australians and New Zealanders may be in Asia, but they aren’t “Asians.”

The second problem is that Asians as a group tend to better in the university than other groups including Whites. This fact was illustrated a few years ago, when the University of California system was forced to give up its affirmative action program and return to admitting students by SAT scores and grade-point averages. When affirmative action stopped, admissions of Blacks and Hispanics fell, as proponents feared. But admissions of Whites rose only slightly. It was admissions of Asians that rose dramatically.

That is, Whites had been discriminating against Asians in the name of affirmative action.

This isn’t merely illogical, it is immoral. But now the disguise is completely off. The University of Maryland openly declares that Asians are not “people of color.” Anti-Asian bigotry is on the rise. Even our Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics, Sunisa Lee, was the victim of a hate crime. But the self-anointed intellectual elite, who are largely White, plunge thoughtlessly ahead with their “keep the Asians out of college” policy.

Just as we enter an era of extreme high-tech competition, we exclude some of our brightest prospects. If a football coach did that, he’d be looking for a new job the next day.

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