Break Up Families On Thanksgiving?

By | November 26, 2021 | 0 Comments

•Fauci Promotes Family Division on Thanksgiving. Advises people to invite only vaccinated family members to Thanksgiving dinner.

•Liberal News Outlet Axios Suggests “COVID Bouncers” to Keep Families Apart on Thanksgiving. Goes beyond Fauci, who merely advises not inviting unvaccinated relatives. They advise bouncer at door to forcibly eject the unvaccinated.

We should be reluctant to ascribe motives to people. Only God can see our hearts. All we can see is what people do. Still, if people consistently, repeatedly do things that have an obvious result, then we are justified in assuming that they intend that result.

For almost two years, the epidemiologic elite have decreed lockdowns and cancelled social and sports events. They have confined nursing-home residents to solitary confinement, isolating them from family and friends. In many cases, the critically ill and dying had to suffer alone.

Not satisfied, the health autocrats now are trying to alienate families, and divide relatives and friends into hostile groups. They have succeeded so well that in many cases, children refuse to see their parents, or refuse to let their parents see their grandchildren. Now comes Thanksgiving, an opportunity for family reconciliation. But even here, separation enforced by bouncers is advised.

Vaccinated vs. unvaccinated. Enlightened vs. ignorant. Public-spirited vs. anti-science. Compliant vs. individualist.

Break up society into hostile factions, then break up the family in the same way: If this is not what the elite intend, then why are they doing it so effectively? Like the progressive mobs that loot and burn, but never build, the progressive elite divide and alienate, but never unify or reconcile.

If you want to destroy things, get a job with a demolition contractor. But keep your hands off my country and my family.


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