Are Threats To Kill Jews “Protected Speech”? Protected By Whom?

By | December 17, 2021 | 0 Comments

Report on University of Southern California student senator:
“On the week of June 15, she Tweeted the phrase ‘Death to Israel,’ said that ‘Zionists are going to f****** pay,’ told followers that ‘if you are not for the complete destruction of Israel and the occupation forces then you’re anti-Palestinian,’ and invoked ‘Death to Israel and its b**** the U.S.'”

In short, she called for the killing of millions of Jews, and Americans as well. Lest her threat be mistaken as theoretical, she Tweeted that she wanted to “kill every mother****ing Zionist,” which apparently included many USC students and faculty. She was stripped of a paid mentoring job, but remained as a student senator. The university explained:

“The school’s President Carol L. Folt said that [her] statements were ‘contrary to our University’s values’ in a letter dated December 3, but said that USC could not ‘denounce [a specific student] publicly’ due to legal obligations to protect student privacy.”

Well, let’s see. Suppose she posted that she wanted to kill every supporter of Black Lives Matter? Or kill every critic of vaccination? Or kill every proponent of transgenders competing in women’s sports? Or kill every supporter of Joe Biden? Would that be “protected speech,” or would it be terrorist threats, meriting expulsion and a call to police and Homeland Security?

Over the centuries, especially the 20th, killing Jews has become so common that it has lost some of its impact, so advocating it has lost some of its power to raise alarms. And, of course, the hate-filled student now portrays herself as the victim of threats and discrimination.

No, threats to kill Jews are “protected speech” only in the twisted minds of those who find the idea rather interesting.


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