Are They Succeeding Or Failing?

By | January 13, 2022 | 0 Comments

Murphy’s Law of Success: In order to decide whether someone is succeeding or failing, you first have to discover what he is trying to do.

• Southern border wide open to unidentified immigrants from many countries, human traffickers, drug runners, and huge amounts of fentanyl.

• Immigrant workers pour in, while manufacturing jobs exported to China and Mexico, and low-skilled jobs eliminated or replaced by robots.

• Power grid overstressed every summer, while electric cars pushed to burden it further.

• Astronomical deficits lead to inflation, with steeply rising prices for food, vehicle fuel, heating oil, and rent, squeezing working class and pressuring middle class.

• Blue mayors defund and demoralize police, leading to worrisome rises in homicide, carjacking, and other violent crimes.

• Antifa and BLM allowed to riot and loot for an entire summer with few arrests and little media coverage, while 4-hour Capitol riot overstated for a year as an “insurrection.”

• Public health officials issue contradictory, arbitrary orders for two years, then wonder why people no longer listen.

• Public health officials concentrate on testing, isolation, and vaccine while ignoring and actually forbidding therapeutics that prevent hospitalization.

• Math and English scores fall steadily even before Covid school closures, while school boards concentrate on equity and wokeness.

• Health care overstressed by Covid, while medical schools and medical organizations concentrate on equity and wokeness.

• All traces of religion removed from public life, even Ten Commandments removed from court houses, while young people grow up with no idea anything is superior to their own needs and wants.

I could go on, but the point is this: Why assume that all these represent failures? Is it possible that they represent what those in charge intend to accomplish? “Build back better” clearly implies that something needs to be built back – that it has been torn down.

You enjoy tearing things down? Get a job with a demolition contractor, but keep your hands off my country.


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