The Non-Power Grid

By | September 29, 2022 | 0 Comments

– CA to ban sale of gasoline cars.
– CA to require new homes to be all electric.
– Power grid shaky on hot days.
– Cost of electricity to rise further.
– Nuclear reactors shut down, gas-fired plants next to go.
– Depend on erratic wind and solar that works only in daylight.
– LA announces 5 hr power shutoff in our area.

Is this a plan for success or for failure? If your goal were poor people living in darkness and dependent on the government, what would you do differently?

We already have battery backups for the computer, the wi-fi, the cell phone, the answering machine, and the garage door opener. This may work for short outages. But in the end, civilization depends on a reliable power grid. And it is the fundamental responsibility of government to provide it. Period. Full stop.

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