Non-Solutions For Serious Problems

By | December 5, 2022 | 0 Comments

• Street crime including homicide up. Leftist solution: Vote for politicians who defund police, and DAs who let offenders out without bail. Warn people to lock car doors. Warn women not to wear jewelry or watches, carry whistle in case of attack. Ban law-abiding citizens from carrying or owning guns.
• Fentanyl deaths skyrocket. Drug comes from China via Mexico. Leftist solution: Vote for politicians who keep border open. Warn kids not to experiment with drugs like their parents did, knowing the warning will be ignored. Restrict doctors from prescribing opioids to patients with pain – cruel and totally irrelevant.

In short, vote for politicians and policies that will make these serious problems worse. Ignore real solutions, and call those who propose real solutions “racists,” “fascists,” or “White supremacists.” File under S for Self-destructive. Cross-file under E for Empathy for victims, none.

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