While We’re Investigating, Investigate Gen. Milley

By | January 10, 2023 | 0 Comments

1. Promising to tell a Chinese general in advance if we planned to attack is disgusting. If Milley had actually done so it would be espionage, or even treason, both punishable by death or life in prison.
2. What Milley did was to encourage others to disobey the president. This is sedition and mutiny under the UCMJ, also punishable by death or life in prison. https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/10/894
3. Milley sees himself as a hero for planning to block Trump from “going rogue.” But this never happened, so Milley in fact accomplished nothing except to dangerously weaken civilian control of the military, a key component of freedom.
4. What really did happen was that President Biden terribly botched our withdrawal from Afghanistan. He closed the secure Bagram Air Base, drew down our troop numbers, and only then tried to evacuate civilians.
5. And what did Gen Milley do about this debacle? He might have objected in private, but he did nothing effective. He didn’t resign. And he surely didn’t tell the National Security Council to disregard Biden’s orders.
6. Milley considers himself a hero for fighting what didn’t happen, but excuses himself for NOT fighting what did happen.
7. Milley is thus a theoretical hero but an actual coward.

Now there are allegations worth investigating.

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