A “Woman” Is Just A “Non-Man” – Wait, What?

By | June 14, 2023 | 0 Comments
Johns Hopkins defines “woman” as “non-man.” No self-awareness at all. Misogynists can’t define “woman” except in terms of “man.” Not just inferior to a man, as old-time misogynists had it. Even worse: No independent existence at all, just the scraps left over after making a man.
Bearded men in women’s rest rooms, frightening little girls. Biological males sending women MMA fighters to the hospital and stealing women’s swimming medals and scholarships. But all this wasn’t misogynistic enough for the woke gurus. Now they muddy the very definition of “woman.” How can women complain about their treatment when they are talking to people who claim not to know what a “woman” is? And maybe that’s the object of the exercise: Inhibit women from complaining. Now that’s woker than woke.

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