Don’Think, Just Repeat Leftist Mantras

By | June 19, 2023 | 0 Comments

• Communism hasn’t worked anywhere it was tried. True communism hasn’t been tried yet. Stalin and Mao thought it was.
• Homeless mentally ill on streets. Reagan caused crisis. He left office 1/20/89, but we couldn’t do anything in all the time since then?
• Castro killed 100,000 political opponents. He got rid of Batista. Yes, and John Gotti got rid of Paul Castellano, so what?
• Giving sex education to first graders is child abuse. Sometimes small kids get crushes. Yes, and sometimes they have violent fantasies. Should we give them instruction in firearms and knives?

And so it goes. Never answer conservative arguments. Instead insult the conservative, then proclaim one-line non sequiturs as if they were pearls of wisdom. This removes any need for logical thought, which can be difficult for some people.


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