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“Jason Aldean Isn’t Helping” – Helping Whom Do What?

By | July 24, 2023 | 0 Comments

National Review, which made itself irrelevant with its manic anti-Trump stance: “Jason Aldean Isn’t Helping: We need songs about virtue, not violence.”

Typical of the Eastern establishment, they want to fight criminal violence with talk. They are unable to see that violence is morally neutral. It may be immoral – for example, criminal violence. Or it may be moral – for example, police or armed civilians subduing violent criminals.

For all NR’s conservative pretensions, it fails to relate, even in the smallest degree, to Country-Western music in general, or to Jason Aldean specifically. My subscription has lapsed. It will not be renewed.

This constitutional republic will not be restored with words, even 10-dollar William F. Buckley words. If it can be restored at all, it will by blunt-spoken, vigorously-acting politicians like Trump, and home-spun troubadours like Aldean. Too bad the self-anointed elite can’t comprehend this. Their shirts came back from the laundry. They were stuffed beautifully.

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