Two More Murders

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Via Michael Savage, not my favorite commentator but worth reading:

• 32-yr-old social justice and climate activist Ryan Carson walking with girlfriend in Brooklyn. Fatally stabbed multiple times in unprovoked attack by stranger.
• 39-yr-old journalist and social justice activist Josh Kruger shot to death in his Philadelphia home. Motive unclear.

When I was young, I had the idea that my liberal views and work with minorities  in a public hospital gave me a sort of halo. I acted as if others could sense my good intentions. I believe many liberals share this delusion. But it is a delusion. They are just as likely to be carjacked, robbed, or murdered as the worst redneck.

“Defund the police” is as dangerous to liberals as to the vilest racist. Once people confront this reality, they are more likely to advocate realistic policies. The only people more subject to street crime are the poor and minorities.

Two Murders—and the Cost of Luxury Beliefs

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