Only 52% Of Young People Favor Israel

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In the past it was good to be “White.” Jews weren’t “White.” Hitler killed 1/3 of all the Jews on Earth because they weren’t “White,” that is, Aryan. Universities had quotas against Jews because they weren’t “White.”

But now it is bad to be “White.” Now Jews are “White.” They are “colonizers” in Israel, despite the fact that over half of Jewish Israelis are not of European heritage – they or their ancestors came from the Middle East or North Africa. Universities discriminate against Jews because they are “White.”

When it was good to be “White,” Jews weren’t “White.” Now that it’s bad to be “White,” Jews are “White.” Whatever group is favored, Jews are in the other group. Odd how that works.

Older Americans are overwhelmingly pro-Israel, over 80%. Perhaps they go to church and read the Bible. But younger Americans are only 52% pro-Israel. Perhaps they went to college and were indoctrinated in socialism, which somehow merges into anti-Semitism. Odd how that works.

“From the river to the sea”? That is, all of Israel. “Free”? Free of what? Free of Jews. Judenfrei. Now where have we heard that before?

All Out For Palestine' protest held in downtown Athens | Campus News |

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