Stores Enable Shoplifting, Then Complain About Shoplifting

By | November 13, 2023 | 0 Comments

Target stores in Sacramento, California’s capital, in effect prevented sheriff’s deputies from arresting organized shoplifters. Ironically the name means “sacrament.”

Target told deputies not to handcuff shoplifters until they were outside and behind the store, so they couldn’t be videoed. Target didn’t want unfavorable publicity. They felt – perhaps correctly – that arresting mass shoplifters would be more unpopular than allowing mass shoplifting.

But if this is true, what does this say about us? If “Thou shalt not steal” is meaningless in a city named “sacrament,” where does that leave us? In deep doodoo, that’s where. You raise a generation to believe “property is theft” and taking what you want, by force if necessary, is quite all right, then what did you expect? Lawless chaos and closing businesses. WE allowed it to happen.

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