The Value of a College Education

By | July 30, 2021 | 0 Comments

There was a young fellow named Brett
An excellent student I’ll bet
He worked hard at college
And hoped to gain knowledge
But gained just a mountain of debt

There was a professor named George
Young peoples’ minds he helped forge
But the college turned left
Of wisdom bereft
From the faculty George was disgorged

George thought he’d go out for tea
At the counter whom did he see?
In an apron was Brett
Serving drinks without let
A barista with a degree

Brett continued his studies online
Employable skills seemed just fine
He improved his position
Without paying tuition
Or owing the college a dime

Applications to college went down
The professors developed a frown
Their egos were stung
Who’ll brainwash the young?
Who'll teach CRT and dumb down?

Young people needed more clout
The internet gave them an out
No indoctrination
Just self-education
Think for themselves, give a shout!


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