Young People Riot And Loot – And Why Not?

By | April 17, 2023 | 0 Comments

• Hundreds of “teens” take over parts of downtown Chicago, beat woman in doorway for no apparent reason.
• At least 100 young people loot gas station, food store in LA suburb of Compton.

So what is the excuse this time? No “long, hot summer” but cool, rainy spring. Whom or what to blame? No God, no Ten Commandments, no flag, no patriotism, no fathers, no respect got self or others. Instead, young people are taught that their past is disgraceful, full of slavery and racism, while their future is uncertain, full of climate change.

Who would not be depressed and angry? They were robbed of everything worthwhile.

There are record levels of emotional disturbance, medication, and suicide in young people. The left demolished everything young people can hold onto, even the knowledge of their own gender. The left sowed the wind. Now the left – and all the rest of us – are reaping the whirlwind. There may still be time to rebuild what they demolished.

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