MLB: Georgia No, China Yes – How Woke Is That?

By | April 5, 2021 | 0 Comments

MLB too woke to hold All-Star Game in Georgia, but okay with doing millions in business with China. Georgia voting law just too much to tolerate, but oppression, forced labor of Uighurs, oppression and cultural genocide of Tibetans, clamping down on Honk Kong despite agreements, and threats to Taiwan? No problem.

Baseball the American Pastime? Not so sure. On it’s way to becoming the Un-American Pastime. Can’t watch NBA or NFL because of anthem kneelers and flag disrespecters. Now can’t watch MLB either. Never was a hockey fan, but it is a fast, rough game. NHL here I come – unless they become woke as well. That would leave only MMA. I can’t see them becoming woke. Can you?

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