Drama Queens And Kings In Charge

By | November 30, 2021 | 0 Comments

• Dr. Coetzee, who discoveded Omicron variant in South Africa: “Symptoms usually mild.”
• Gov. Hochul of New York declares “disaster emergency,” bans elective surgery.

Yes, it’s true that there are no Omicron cases in New York, but the governor warns, “It’s coming.” What are present in New York hospitals? Staffing shortages. Take Covid surges, add firing unvaccinated staff, top it off with uncaring bureaucrats, and you get an environment that is hostile to nurses and other staff. As a result, nurses leave, retire early, and do not apply for jobs. Read this about dissatisfied, frustrated nurses in Canada:


The  staffing shortages in hospitals are only partly due to the pandemic. To a large extent, they are due to bad decisions by bureaucrats, the same bureaucrats who now declare a “disaster emergency.” But few will see this terminology as excessive. TV “news” and the internet harangue us daily, even hourly, with new threats of disease and impending doom. This pushes up the count of viewers, but pushes down their morale and will to resist. In the end, all but the strongest and most independent will lapse into timid apathy and do as they’re told.

Dennis Prager states that we are living in the era of drama queens and kings. He couldn’t be more right. Constant over-dramatizing numbs listeners into acquiescence. Drama queens and kings make annoying friends, maddening spouses, and really lousy leaders.

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