Jan. 6 Capitol Defendants Get Fair Trial – Not

By | June 24, 2021 | 0 Comments

Questions about Jan. 6 Capitol disorder:

  1. Can it be an “insurrection” if all the participants were unarmed and it lasted only 3-4 hours? Was any other “insurrection” in history made by unarmed people?
  2. Can it be a “riot” if an unlawful assembly was not declared, or declared so the people could hear it?
  3. Can it be “trespassing” if some Capitol Police officers invited some of the people in? I can’t charge you with “trespassing” in my home if my wife opened the door for you.
  4. Can it still be a “free country” if arrestees are held without bail for 5 months, some in solitary confinement, and given “reprogramming” literature to “straighten out their thinking”?
  5. Can it still be a “free country” if some judges castigated defendants for supporting home schooling or gun ownership? Are they being found guilty of crimes or of conservative beliefs?
  6. Can it still be a “free country” if hardly anybody seems to care about all this?


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