Green Activists Or Control Freaks?

By | January 21, 2023 | 0 Comments

Biden’s climate czar John Kerry, a Democrat politician dating back to the Jurassic Era, declares that we must “control the skies, control the seas…” If an ordinary person said that, he would be sent for therapy of his delusions of grandeur. If a GOP politician including Trump said that, he would be dismissed as a raving megalomaniac.

But if a Democrat says that, it’s climate ├╝ber Alles, and all is forgiven. What an effective disguise for totalitarian control freaks. The Constitution out the window. Freedom of speech or movement out the door. The very term World Economic Forum gives it all away. Such arrogance. Such self-righteousness. Such blatant control freakery.

Of course, the WEF chairman is a German. They used to say, “Today Germany, tomorrow the whole world.” Now they say, “Today the climate, tomorrow we control everything.” But we have been warned.

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