Progressive Illusions vs Harsh Reality: Reality Wins By A Knockout

By | October 6, 2021 | 0 Comments

We were watching reruns of “Chicago Fire” and hoped to see fictionalized versions of fire fighting. But within 30 minutes, we saw two instances of progressive propaganda:

• A young gang member the firefighters are mentoring believes he is being disrespected. He stabs a firefighter in the liver with a large kitchen knife. Another firefighter risks his life to rescue the gangbanger from a collapsing fire escape. So far so good. Their job is to rescue people, not judge them.

The firefighter recovers and is intent on making sure the attacker never hurts anyone else. But then he forgives the attacker and asks the judge to be lenient and accept a plea bargain.

What the attacker might do to other people apparently left the firefighter’s mind. The only important person is himself. He felt good about his good intentions, so all was well.

We thought they would plea bargain attempted murder down to assault with a deadly weapon. Oh no, they bargain it down to misdemeanor assault with little jail time. This is seen as a triumph of justice.

This TV drama was made around 2016. In 2021 we see 30 or 40 people shot in Chicago every weekend. But we know why. Those who show mercy to the cruel will in the end show cruelty to the merciful. The dangerously impractical ideas bore fruit.

• Firefighters are training for a charity boxing tournament. A female paramedic shows up, boasts of her boxing skills, and promptly knocks a male firefighter down. The disparity in weight and muscle and bone structure apparently is overcome by “equity.”

In reality, a trans MMA fighter put a star female fighter in the hospital with a concussion and facial bone fractures. But that was in the ring. On the screen, a woman can beat a man with no trouble at all.

But in the real world, who suffers? Not the progressives who live in upscale neighborhoods and work in security buildings. They are untouched by the violent crime wave their impractical notions spawned. It touches the poor and minorities. It touches them really hard.

And what about “feminists” who are really misogynists? They don’t get in the ring with a man. They don’t serve in ground combat. They don’t try to carry a fallen firefighter to safety. They sit in their offices and faculty lounges and theorize. They don’t suffer the consequences. Their idea of stress is a presentation to a committee. Their idea of danger is a paper cut or a burn from spilled coffee. Their idea of injury is hurt pride.

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