Biological Males In Women’s Prisons – What Did You Expect?

By | July 10, 2021 | 0 Comments

In California so far there have been 261 requests from male inmates to  be transferred to women’s prisons, and 21 have been approved. In one case, the biological male beat up his female cellmate, and was transferred but received no other punishment. Female inmates complain that no one listens to their complaints of physical or sexual abuse.

When a woman is sentenced to prison, she can expect to lose her freedom, lose her ability to decide what or when she eats or sleeps, and lose a number of other rights we take for granted outside of prison. But she should not – repeat NOT – expect to be physically or sexually abused by a biological male, who may even be her cellmate. This is by definition cruel and unusual punishment. It is forbidden by the Constitution as well as by the moral codes of major religions.

Those who allow or even encourage such practices are blatant misogynists. Firing is the least of what they deserve. How about charges of conspiracy to commit physical and sexual abuse of an incarcerated person, a felony?

‘No One’s Listening’ as Transgender Inmates End Up in Women’s Prisons, Take Part in Shocking Assaults on Female Prisoners

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