How To Guarantee No Police Misconduct Or Racism

By | April 23, 2021 | 0 Comments

LeBron James, world famous and worth $500M, tweets “You’re next” with photo of officer who shot knife-wielding teen and saved the life of the other teen who was the object of the attack. The officer makes less than $50K, risks his life to protect his city, and now is probably in hiding with his family – because of LeBron’s tweet.

LeBron then takes the tweet down, but to make matters worse, repeats his charge of police racism and blames those who object to his tweet for creating more hate. No, HE didn’t create more hate with his ill-informed tweet, those who criticized it did. Rich, talented, famous LeBron didn’t do anything wrong – the cop and LeBron’s critics did wrong. Everyone should be accountable – except him.

It gets still worse. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki declares that shooting the knife-wielding teen was evidence of “systematic racism.” The official position of the President is that it was racist to make a split-second decision to save the life of the teen being attacked with a deadly weapon. Leaders lead. Politicians follow the crowd.

I am not a prophet. I have no occult powers. But I can see what may result from this destructive pattern of behavior. There are over 800,000 sworn law-enforcement officers in America, and 70-80% are members of police unions. At some point they will have had enough. Some or all of the various unions will get together and call a 24-hour nationwide strike.

They will announce: “From 12:01 am next Tuesday morning to 11:59 pm Tuesday night, all police will go out on strike. You want to be free of all risk of police brutality and racism? You got it! For 24 hours you’re on your own. You see someone being attacked with a knife? YOU deal with it. You’re so sure you know how to do it better? Prove it. See what a beautiful, peaceful, friendly place this will be, when there is no one to enforce law and order.  See what a safe, happy place it will be, when you call 911 and no one responds. We wish you good luck. You’ll need it.”

Will the result resemble John Lennon’s beautiful dream of “Imagine,” or will it resemble “Nightmare on Elm Street”?


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