Too Many People In Prison, Or Too Few?

By | April 13, 2021 | 0 Comments

The US has a large prison population. Is this because we are imprisoning too many people, or because too many people are committing crimes?

Here is a clue. What happens when prisoners are released, especially when they are released early, as we are doing now? The Bureau of Justice Statistics has the answer. Within 9 years of release:

  • 401,288 released prisoners were rearrested 1,994,000 times.
  • That is an average of 5 arrests for each released prisoner.
  • This does not count the crimes the released prisoners committed but were not arrested for.
  • After 9 years 83% of those released were rearrested.

Remember that murderers and other violent criminals were less likely to be released. When they are released, as is happening now, we can expect even more – and worse – repeat offenses.

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