Self-Undermining Behavior Of L:eftists

By | March 16, 2023 | 0 Comments

• Discourage military enlistment with woke training. Deplete weapons and ammunition by sending them to Ukraine. Appoint generals who study “white rage” instead of strategy. Then provoke a war with Russia.
• Have Congress spend money we don’t have by the trillion. Have the Fed create it out of nothing. Then raise interest rates in attempt to stem inflation, and watch banks fail.
• Discourage private cars with high gas prices and push public transit. Remove transit police. Then watch ridership plummet because of criminals, addicts, and homeless in stations and aboard.
• Dilute curriculum till kids learn little. Push Drag Queen Story Hour for first graders. Allow disruptions with little discipline. Then watch as enrollment falls and home schooling increases.

Woke progressives do not need enemies. Their policies are self-destructive enough to guarantee failure.


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