NCAA: Trans Women In Sports Required

By | April 14, 2021 | 0 Comments

Headline: NCAA Will No Longer Allow Championships to Be Held in States That Protect Female Athletes.

News report: Trans women retain athletic edge after a year of hormone therapy, study finds.

Clearly, these two news items are incompatible. Clearly, if trans women still have a physical advantage even after a year of hormone therapy, allowing them to compete in women’s sports is unfair to cis women. And in the case of contact sports, it can be dangerous.

If you doubt this, ask Tamikka Brents. The MMA fighter was sent to the hospital with a concussion and facial bone fracture by her trans opponent. Activists belittled Brents’ injury by denying it was a “skull” fracture. Exactly how severe must the woman’s injury be before it evokes sympathy? Exactly how many cis women must take third place to two trans women in track, when they could have won first place and been a candidate for a college scholarship? In other words, how many misogynists can masquerade as pro-trans activists? A lot.

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