Biden Tells MLB To Take All-Star Game From Georgia

By | April 3, 2021 | 0 Comments

When the NBA and NFL allowed kneeling and otherwise disrespecting the US flag and national anthem, many including me were profoundly disturbed. Still, this represented actions on the basketball court and football field. It represented the politicization of these sports, indeed an unfortunate event. But it did not interfere with the democratic process.

But MLB removing the All-Star Game from Georgia is worse. It represents the leaders of baseball, called our national pastime, interfering with the legislative process in a state. Note to President Biden and MLB moguls: The Constitution gives to state legislatures the power to regulate elections (Article I, Sec. 4). Not the President, and surely not sports officials.

So when President Biden tells MLB to take the game away from Georgia, and MLB officials do so, it is they and not Georgia who are disrespecting the democratic process outlined in the Constitution. Add to this the misstatements, if not outright lies, told about the Georgia election law, and we see the politicization of sports made even worse: “Can’t give voters water.” “Jim Crow on steroids.”

Propaganda reinforces political control, as all tyrants know. No, we’re not there yet, but we’re on our way. The co-option of sports is another signpost along that sad road that leads to tyranny. It is our duty to read those signs and declare, “No! We’re not going any farther along this road. In America, power flows from the people up, not from the government down. That’s why we formed this country in the first place. We thought you knew that.”

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