Supreme Court: Can’t Limit Home Religious Meetings

By | April 11, 2021 | 0 Comments

Supreme Court votes 5-4 that California cannot limit in-home religious meetings. Chief Justice Roberts votes with the liberal minority to uphold the restrictions. So, like the 2nd Amendment, the 1st also depends on a 1-vote margin. When our most basic freedoms come so close to being deleted, is it time to worry yet?

The reasoning of the liberal dissenters is chilling. They claimed that since all home gatherings were restricted, this did not affect religion unfairly. That is, when the Constitution says “no law” can restrict religious freedom, it doesn’t really mean “no law.” If the government restricts all freedoms, then religion isn’t treated unfairly. In this sense, “fairly” means equally – equally well or equally badly, just equally. The end result of this reasoning is that slavery is constitutional because all freedoms are equally crushed. Have a nice day.

We can take comfort that in-home Bible study or prayer meetings can continue unrestricted. But we cannot relax. When our precious freedoms hang on a 1-vote margin, and when states of emergency can exceed a year in duration, the Constitution itself is on a shaky foundation. Stay tuned.

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